Technical Office

Director­ Co­ordinator Architect Mauro Linari Tel: 0552388 631/681 | Fax: 0552388 632 Open to the public: Monday-Friday, 8,00-11,00

In performing activities for the protection and control of the heritage of the Florentine Polo Museale, the Technical Office is in charge of

  • maintenance and restoration of the museum structures;
  • management and checking of the related technical and security systems;
  • museographic design, even for temporary exhibitions;
  • the performance of studies and research on the museums of its competence;
  • the planning, management and accounting of works;
  • maintenance and restoration of the historical gardens.

Communications relating to bids for tender and awards for works, services and supplies (it) The projects are designed, prepared and implemented by the technical-scientific managers.

Competencies of the technical-scientific managers

Parks and Gardens Office Mauro Linari (Director­) Tecnical Assistants: Paolo Basetti | Andrea Bellandi | Paolo Galeotti | Ivo Matteuzzi | Massimo Paolieri | Massimo Pettini | Gianni Simonti

Prevention and protection service Ing. Gian Piero Trasolini (ditta IGEAM) - Responsabile SSP Ing. Achille Di Matteo (ditta IGEAM) - Addetto SSP

Architectural Complex of the Uffizi Gallery (Uffizi Gallery, Department of Prints and Drawings) Mauro Linari | Antonio Russo | Claudia Gerola | Caterina Campana

Architectural Complex of the Pitti Palace: Museo degli Argenti, Palatine Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, Costume Gallery, Porcelain Museum, Museo delle Carrozze Mauro Linari | Claudia Gerola | Maurizio Catolfi

Medici Villa of Petraia Mauro Linari Gianfranco Monti | Andrea Bellandi

Medici Villa of Castello Chiara Laura Tettamanti | Paolo Galeotti

Medici Villa of Poggio a Caiano Maria Cristina Valenti Armando Niccolai

Boboli Gardens Museum Mauro Linari Claudia Gerola

Medici Villa of Cerreto Guidi Maria Cristina Valenti Michele Martino

Accademia Gallery Maria Cristina Valenti Michele Martino

Bargello National Museum Maria Cristina Valenti Michele Martino

Museum of Palazzo Davanzati Chiara Laura Tettamanti Giuseppe Russo

Palazzo Mozzi Bardini Maria Cristina Valenti Michele Martino

Medici Chapels Maria Cristina Valenti

Palazzo Martelli Maria Cristina Valenti

‘Cenacolo’ of Andrea del Sarto Corrado Azzollini Maurizio Catolfi

‘Cenacolo’ of Santa Apollonia Caterina Campana Gianfranco Monti

‘Cenacolo’ of Fuligno Caterina Campana Gianfranco Monti

Cloister of the Scalzo Caterina Campana Gianfranco Monti

‘Cenacolo’ of Ognissanti Claudia Gerola

‘Cenacolo’ of Perugino Chiara Laura Tettamanti Giuseppe Russo

Museum of San Marco Claudia Gerola

Villa Corsini Chiara Laura Tettamanti | Antonio Russo

Museum of Orsanmichele Antonio Russo

Technical Office Staff

Secretarial office Stefania Borghesi | Gloria Pasi | Donatella Schembri

Workshop, Electricians, Heating Engineer Eugenio Brega | Luigi Finelli | Andrea Marchi | Daniele Borsetti

Drivers Silvano Labardi | Luca Millan