Projects for computerisation of the digital archives of the art works of the Florentine galleries, designed to create databases that can be consulted online.

Exhibition archive

The digital archive of projects and photographic documentation developed during the preparation of the exhibitions.

Lorenzo Bartolini

The online database of the works by Lorenzo Bartolini.

The Euploos Project

This initiative will make available online the entire collection of the Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe degli Uffizi, over 150,000 works from the 1300s to the modern period.


The Research Department of the Polo Museale Fiorentino conserves the inventories of the works of art in the museums


The cataloguing is both an informative process and an instrument of protection: records of over 145,000 works of art

Photo Archive

Contains over 600,000 photo negatives,
the oldest of them on glass plates, and the respective photographic prints

Historic Archive

The indices of the first section of the Galleries (1739-1940) can be consulted online


The hymnals of Beato Angelico and Zanobi Strozzi of the Museum of San Marco can be viewed

Flooded Works

The database of the Florentine works damaged in the flood of 1966 can be consulted online.

Carocci Archive

Oltre 40.000 schede manoscritte che raccolgono appunti e documentazioni su artisti, Arti, case, chiese, palazzi, famiglie, stemmi e altro.

The Medici Treasure

The initiative is part of a project entitled 'MuseiD-Italia' and is dedicated to the patrimony of precious objects that once belonged to the famous dynasty.