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Web Staff

Co-ordination Marco Fossi Email:segreteria@polomuseale.firenze.it

Collaborators Monica Alderotti, Salvatore Vicario, Isabella Puccini

Collaboration on the texts Maria Grazia Trenti Antonelli;
Daniela Parenti for the Accademia Gallery;
Maria Grazia Vaccari for the Bargello National Museum;
Gabriele Rossi Rognoni for the Department of Musical Instruments;
Lucia Monaci for the Department of Prints and Drawings of the Uffizi;
Francesca De Luca and Maria Paola Masini for the Education Service.

The texts relating to the exhibitions are summarised from the press releases of the organisers.

Collaboration on iconographic and documentary research Maria Grazia Trenti Antonelli,
Maria Letizia Regola, Anna Floridia, Sandra Tucci;
Giovanna Giusti for the works of the Uffizi Gallery.

Site creation Parallelo s.a.s.

Co-ordination Filippo Fineschi Email:fineschi@parallelo.it

Site design Luca Fortino, Francesco Delacqua, Francesco Marsoni, Vincenzo Bologna

Graphic design Nicola Nottoli

Content Management Anna Maria Sacco

Photos Beatrice Giorgetti

Image elaboration Beatrice Giorgetti