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Assessment of applications for state funding and tax concessions

The Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code provides for the recognition of specific tax benefits for those who undertake the restoration, maintenance and protection of the cultural heritage. Article 32 of the Code species that the proprietors, owners or holders of cultural assets are bound to carry out the operations necessary to ensure their conservation, failing which the Ministry takes action directly. In parallel with this provision establishing the obligation of the proprietor, the legislation also provides for the possibility of State aid to support and stimulate those undertaking conservation activities via the recognition of tax concessions.

The State can intervene through:

  • direct incentives:
    • through interest subsidies: the Ministry may grant interest subsidies for loans drawn up with banks by the proprietors, owners or holders by whatever entitlement of cultural assets for carrying out authorised conservation work (article 37, subsection 1)
    • through direct grant, that is a contribution to the expenses borne by the proprietor of the asset for an amount of not more than half of the same. If the operations are of particular significance, or if they concern assets used or enjoyed by the public, then the Ministry may contribute to the expenses up to the full amount (article 35, subsection 1)

    IMPORTANT REMINDER: the legislation in this context refers to moveable assets for which there is a declaration of cultural interest, that is listed assets, and the procedure for the grant application is dependent upon the authorisation for the works issued by the Superintendency. Interested parties must therefore submit the grant application together with the application for approval of the works. In any case, the application must be submitted before the start of the works themselves.

  • indirect incentives:
    • to facilitate and stimulate initiative on the part of both the proprietors of the assets and of external sponsors, donors and patrons, the State has created a series of tax concessions related to the conservation of the cultural heritage, in the form of a range of different benefits (costs deductible from income, inheritance taxes, free donations). The Administration issues the certifications required to obtain the tax benefits laid down in the relevant legislation, in particular for work performed on assets subject to protection.

ATTENTION: suspension to the contribution to the expenses until december 31 2015 (art. 35 and 37 D. Lgs. 42/04).

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