A different perspective

In this section we want to take a closer look at certain aspects of art that are less well known but no less interesting, to show the extent to which the masterpieces of our artistic heritage are closely bound up with real life.

La Gioconda di Leonardo da Vinci agli Uffizi nel 1913
la Gioconda di Leonardo da Vinci esposta nel 1913 nella Galleria degli Uffizi, insieme ad altri due capolavori dell'artista di Vinci, l'Annunciazione e l'Adorazione dei Magi.

The thousand colours of marble
It is a well-known fact that our black and white vision of sculpture and classic architecture is the fruit of a misunderstanding that occurred in the XVIII century. The marble buildings of the Graeco-Roman world, like the friezes and statues they housed, featured bright polychromy that represented an essential part of the finished work.

Art at the table
How and what did people eat in the Renaissance? Food, dining tables and kitchens are frequently illustrated in the paintings conserved in the Florentine State museums. This section is intended to offer interesting anecdotes and recipes old and new.